Sunday, 1 November 2015

Dia de los muertos - Sugar Skull make-up (first attempt) **PIC HEAVY**

Happy November Sparkles!

I had a relatively tame Halloween (make-up wise at least) so I thought I should make up for it a little with an attempt at a sugar skull look. I see a lot of those online but have never actually gotten around to trying them before - I got a little jealous of a representation by my lovely little L last night though, so thought I'd get cracking.

My parents firmly believe I'm bonkers as I was doing this throughout the X Factor and part of Downton Abbey. Then it was a quick few snaps on the iPhone and removed immediately. In truth matte eyeshadow isn't the most comfortable lip covering!

Pics and products used below. Happy viewing - love and hugs til next time

xx Josephine xx
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