About the blog and me…

Sisters three and our pet ginger ;)
The blog was really a project that I started with myself at the start of 2014…now as my first year comes to a close I find myself realising that this interweb malarky is a lot harder than I had thought. Google is definitely my friend as I seek to build the blog into the little online piece of fun but (hopefully) useful frippery it was meant to be.

About me...

Embracing my inner queen '14
Since I was about 14 and bored on Sunday afternoons in the County Down countryside I've spent hours poring over make-up looks in magazines and copying them as best I could. I think it all started with Whitney Houston's look from The Bodyguard soundtrack and worked its way though Posh Spice black eyeshadow (ok, that one lasted a long time….), "fudge brownie" lipstick by Rimmel in the mid-90s and glitter hairspray a la B*witched & co.

Gold! Actually it's copper foil, but
with artificial light plus a filter….
Sigh…I miss the 90s, you well groomed kids these days with no regrettable beauty decisions will look so much better in 15 years but I can't help feeling you're missing out on some pseudo goth / stripper glitter looks in the mean time…

Flash forward to 2013 and I am firmly the product junkie of my friends. After prompting and mucho stalking of other bloggers for years I decided to take the plunge.

What it was meant to be and what it has been…
Train selfie on a good
liner day

I want the blog to be my voice on make-up, aiming to de-mystify the beauty world for those who haven't had the 5 hours a week over their teens and twenties to sit and paint their face BADLY and learn from it slowly, slowly, ever sooooo slowly. However I also want to use it as an outlet for more creative make-up looks than day to day life in a career in tax allows, hence the random green faces / drag queen recreations.

In truth what I've realised is that I struggle with technology and sometimes in making the time for the blog between work and social life. So please bear with me while I try to re-invigorate myself at times - and feedback really helps! It's nice to feel I'm having a dialogue with the world, rather than a monologue into the black, ether of t'interweb.

Also, I have to say that it's been a bit of a learning process as to just how lopsided one face can be - I really had no idea of how asymmetrical my face was before a video camera was pointed straight at it!

What I hope it becomes…
Goth clown - Ibiza '14

I really want to make it that twice weekly splash into the blogosphere - complete with videos!!! - that I always intended. Fingers crossed that I manage to achieve it, any and all encouragement and assistance much appreciated!

Please do chat to me about any of your thoughts - I am a friendly wee thing really.

Til next time Kitty Kats

xx Josephine xx

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