Saturday, 5 July 2014

Getting Started Series - #2 Base / Foundation

Greetings, Beauty Addicts & Explorers alike and welcome to the weekend, proper!!!

A declaration to make first of all - my name is Josephine and I am obsessed with full coverage, at all times of year - but I recognise that others are not so obsessed with 100 Denier foundations. So, in the interests of being a helpful soul I've listed below a range of bases you might want to try (high end and affordable, too) in a range of coverages. 

For those on either extremity of the skin tone scale, apologies in advance for the deficiencies in some of the brands listed below, as they're not always the friendliest to any of us non-medium skin tones (I get away with it when I wear bronzer and want to make my skin darker without fake tanning). 

Ok, let's step through the various coverages, one by one...

10 Denier: probably best to try a BB cream or a tinted moisturiser. I like No7 BB cream (although I use as a base with powder over it) and Garnier also have quite a nice one - beware pale ladies, of "fit all" shades. 
15 Denier: I like the Liz Earle sheer skin tint, which is a tinted moisturiser but has slightly more coverage then the BB creams I've tried. 
20 Denier: Bourjois Healthy Mix serum foundation is lovely. You can also try powder foundations - applied dry - which will generally give a lighter coverage
30 Denier: L'Oreal True Match foundation, or alternatively Bare Minerals Original formula (there's also a matte version available for oily skin types) which comes in a great range of colours.
45 Denier: Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation - I really like this for a dewy finish with a decent coverage. I think it's quite natural which can require additional concealer on bad skin days. 

60 Denier: Rather than use a single foundation I like to use the Bare Minerals (or other mineral) as a base colour and then tap on liquid foundation e.g. Bourjois healthy mix to give additional "dew" to the finish, while retaining fullness of coverage with the mineral make-up. Thanks Wayne Goss for that tip - and others.
100 Denier: Vichy Dermablend (liquid) - I have to say I love this foundation for FULL coverage with a  dewy and relatively natural finish. Can look slightly cakey with the powder in the morning, but this disappears in an hour or two as the foundation wears in. 

Illamasqua is a brand with a FAB range of colours on their skin products, I like their cream foundation but think it might not be for everyone, while skin base might be more accessible to a greater number of people - however my issue with Skin Base is that regardless of how great I think my skin is looking in a given day it just seems to find flakies on my cheeks and nose. Sad times as it does give an otherwise lovely finish.

Hope that helps - do let me know any questions, queries, comments or tips you have in the comments section below. 

Til next time lovelies!

xx Josephine xx

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