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Getting started series #8 Bronzer

This is where I realise I should have held back on my "Aloha", so Aloha again beauty addicts and explorers…

Since it's summer time, let's get our tan on. But safely - and all being well, without streaking non-tinted lotions across our face and body. I guess to start off here one lesson it's important to acknowledge is that make-up can be applied "off-face" to great effect. 

I had no idea quite how lopsided my face was! Anyhoo, hopefully
you can see from the "end" photo above how the left side (as
you look at it) looks more defined - particularly the nose and chin.
Bronzer is a key tool for all girls - I include pale and pasty varieties such as myself - in that it can make you look alive, blend in your foundation - handy for photos and not looking like a bad drag queen in real life where you (I) elect to cover a WHITE face with some actual skin coloured foundation - and just generally make you look healthier. On dark skin tones it can add a warmth that may otherwise be lacking in the bleak midwinter / pre-sunshine.

A non-orangey bronzer can also be used to do slight Kardashian-style contouring which has become quite the trend, but if you had shimmer in it there's a danger you'd edge towards C3-PO territory in direct sunlight.

However, things to avoid (in my mind) when looking for a bronzer are 1) orangeness, 2) excessive shimmer and 3) a heavy hand.  If I want shimmer I still tend to use a matte bronzer to add colour and separately use a highlighter to add shimmer where I want it. 

There are several formulations you can use;

- Powder - I like a powder bronzer but I use it on a powdered base (to avoid blotches as the liquid catches the colour). Bourjois have some good versions - not too orange and their chocolate bar version is matte - while for higher end I like Smashbox's Halo Bronzer. L'Oreal do Glam Bronze - I got the shimmery version free at Christmas but there are matte versions too and their colours come in several shades which is good for High Street.

- Cream - I've just bought the expensive (but seriously, seriously HUGE) Chanel Tan de Soleil which I really like, however Bourjois have a similar product for £10. It actually works out to be about the same price gram for gram but a £10 hit is easier to take in one go. I've not tried the Bourjois one, but they are reportedly made by the same factory so it might be worth an investigate.
This is swatched *very* heavily, it blends
out to a lovely, natural tan colour - I used
it in the pictorial on placement, above.

- Liquid - the Chanel cream has a highlighter / liquid sister, as does the Bourjois base - I plumped for the Bourjois one on this (it says it's a cream on the bottle but from the texture you can see it's very liquid). If you want a liquid with a little shimmer in it there are plenty of options on the High Street - matte is the more challenging version - or you can try the AU Skin Base from Ilamasqua. I also use this to mix into winter foundations for summer glow effect. Pretty sure I can do the same with the Bourjois version though I've not tested it yet.

Don't be afraid to walk around Boots swatching colours to test for ornateness etc in the meantime enjoy playing with safe tanning (and good luck on the mission to not look like an Oompah-loompah - unless that's your path, in which case I'll keep my nose out!)

'Til next time gorgeous guys and gals

xx Josephine xx

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