Monday, 7 July 2014

Getting started series #4 EYEBROWS!!!!

Holla Beauty Addicts and Explorers, alike

Today, the Good Ship Sparkles sails into what may be uncharted (for some) and terrifying (for most) waters….eyebrows. If the eyes are the window to the soul, the brows are definitely the frames to your face. However in the face of the WAG-tastic Scouse Brow and just general overuse of many, many products I feel an important public service announcement coming on…


If I play with 14 colours, bronzer, black liner, fake lashes and blue lippie and you sashay through delicate waterlilies on a springtime dawn, you should use a lighter hand - and probably shade - to frame your pretty as a picture lil' face than I do. However, regardless of your style do try to remember that make-up is just art and it's all personal choice* - try not to judge, and instead pray for your friend to ask for advice rather than dispensing unsolicited advice. 

Firstly - your product choices:

- Pencil - great for drawing on individual hairs, don't use a soft liner or it won't be subtle enough - potential pitfall is that pencil drawn on brows can look fake. (Rimmel, BeneFit - although the latter was a little soft for me - you could always pop it in the fridge before using!)

- Powder - great for giving a blended result, can use with something like Illamasqua's sealing gel to give a more defined finish e.g. for night time. Can break and with too heavy a hand become akin to a pencil. (Illamasqua, Smashbox)

- Gel / pomade - well loved in the make-up artist arena, the wax texture can mean you get lots of control along with your colour. (MAC, Anastasia)

Regardless of what formulation you use some important rules of thumb for those starting out:

For a natural look go for a shade lighter than your natural hair colour. Spend time on your shade selection and don't just go for the most popular shade - for example, I love Illamasqua's brow cake however my original match was Thunder (a rich brown shade) while actually my best match is Motto (ashy, dark grey) because although I am a brunette I am not actually warm in hair or skin tone. 

You don't need to use brow specific products, but it'll help if you buy a decent angled brow brush to apply your product -  I love my ancient Smashbox Angled Brow brush but check out Ecotools and Real Techniques for more affordable brush ranges which offer good performing options. Online I like's Studio brush line. 

Enjoy your new Rachel Weisz / Cara Delevingne type self ;)

Til next time kitty cats

xx Josephine xx

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*I must ask for further forgiveness at this point, while I fully reserve the right to mentally hate on anyone sporting sperm brows - male or female. I realise I'm a hypocrite, but they really, really hurt my eyes and brain.

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