Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Blistex Intensive Moisturiser - a tube of tingly heaven (review)

Afternoon Sparkles,

And happy humpday...we're on the joyous slide to the weekend now!

After my Nuxe lipbalm was finished off as an emergency blister salve for little sis on the weekend, I found myself cracked lipped and desperate in the airport this Sunday.

Grabbing a £2.59 tube of moisturiser from the Superdrug frankly my only thoughts were that it needed to see me through the three hours to home and a top up of the Nuxe...how wrong I was.

Ingredients include shea butter, allantoin (not sure what this is...!!) and camphor. I was really impressed at the softening and smoothing action of this, even on my yukky cracked lips courtesy of air con.

While I'll still use my little pot of Nuxe Reve de Miel as a matte moisturiser, this sinks in well so I don't think it would disturb your lipstick either (bonus). Totally recommend an urgent buy!!

Til next time kitty kats - love, hugs and moisturised kisses

xx Josephine xx

Thursday, 16 July 2015

BARE SKIN to DAY to NIGHT Maybelline Nudes palette tutorial

Evening, Sparkles!!

Apologies it's been so long - I have started two tutorial lines on liner and shadow but my MacBook has stuttered a little since 'upgrading' to Yosemite (a more deeply ironic upgrade I can not think of...#firstworldproblems). Anyhoo, I was playing with a new palette I picked up in Boots today and an accidental Kylie Jenner spaced face resulted. Here's how...

I started with a well moisturised face. I am not currently using primers much but feel free to throw one on if you're so inclined...shout out to my pimples, freckles and redness ;) 

Bare skin in all its glory!! 

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