Thursday, 16 July 2015

BARE SKIN to DAY to NIGHT Maybelline Nudes palette tutorial

Evening, Sparkles!!

Apologies it's been so long - I have started two tutorial lines on liner and shadow but my MacBook has stuttered a little since 'upgrading' to Yosemite (a more deeply ironic upgrade I can not think of...#firstworldproblems). Anyhoo, I was playing with a new palette I picked up in Boots today and an accidental Kylie Jenner spaced face resulted. Here's how...

I started with a well moisturised face. I am not currently using primers much but feel free to throw one on if you're so inclined...shout out to my pimples, freckles and redness ;) 

Bare skin in all its glory!! 

I took a high coverage foundation and spotted on where I needed extra coverage. For me - cheeks, spots and undereye area. I then blended out with a very light coverage foundation. 

I used Kevyn Aucoin's Sensual Skin Corrector with Dr Perricone's No Foundation Foundation. A concealer stick plus tinted moisturiser would be cheaper and similar for newbies. 

As you can see the higher coverage foundation does take the edge off those circles when blended out. Stiiiiiiill there though!! 

Next up, ze eyes! The palette I grabbed was the Nudes from Maybelline. I used the first three shades for this day look, plus the black for the liner. 

Sparkly cream from lashes to brow, followed by light matte taupe on the crease. Deepened with darker taupe on outer third of lid and blended out. Followed with black as a softer liner - mostly on top lash line but the remainder used on the outer third of the lower lash line to tie together.

Time to 'strobe'...

Which essentially means using highlighter to get a contouring effect without heavy reliance on darker shades. More subtle and something which is accidentally been doing for a while when all bronzers were too orange for me! 

I apply a light reflecting concealer to the undereye area (blend out over top of cheekbones) and down nose / on centre of forehead. Here I've topped up my concealing on my pimple, don't use the light reflective formula here - just regular! 

I drew on some eyebrows too here! Now, were I aiming for a natural day look I'd stop here with some pink blush and mascara, with a slick of lippie. BUT I want to show the night look intensification, so...

Reaching for a darker shadow (bottom left of Maybelline palette), I swish it over the lid, taking a matte taupe I deepen the crease colour, increasing the liner thickness with more black. 

To intensify the liner I then took liquid liner in a bronze colour (you could use black, I've used Wisdom Precision Ink by Illamasqua here). Topping with mascara and blending out some bottom liner with the bronze shade from the Maybelline palette. 

TIP: if you've worn mascara all day and want to refresh it, rub some eye makeup remover across your lashes with a cotton bud and then reapply without clumps or spider lashes!

Quick swish of bronzer to emphasise the cheekbones / jawline / temples / nose as you prefer. Then it's on to the lips!

Taking a plummy liner I outlined my lips and then patted some concealer in the centre (extreme beauty sin but judge me not for a mo) before topping up with some pink gloss for a subtle ombré lip. 

So subtle, so me ;) 

Accidental Kylie Jenner shot in the photo reel because it's ridiculous but my mascara does look totally fierce (if I do say so myself)!

Will you be dashing out to grab the new Nudes palette by Maybelline? Do you have it already - like, love or loathe? 

Anyway, love, kisses and nude looks til next time my little kitty cakes of joy! 

xx Josephine xx

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