Tuesday, 6 October 2015

How to Tuesday: Eyeliner application (2: Day to night / dramatic) **PIC HEAVY**

Morning readers!
Less subtle than my last version - a cat eye effect liner / flick. A personal fave. 

I hope you've been practicing your basic eyeliner technique - and hopefully gained a little more confidence in your chosen medium (pencil / gel / liquid) or even played with another kind or colour than usual.

I'm going to cover three basic looks over the course of the eyeliner series, which with some Googling you will easily be able to deviate from to cover off lots of different variations.

1. Basic / suits all

See the first "How to" in this series here.

2. Dramatic / cat eye effect liner

For those wishing to go from day to night on the basic liner look there are two options;

2.1 More!!

The first sees a thickening of the liner application technique outlined in our basic tutorial - if you're new to this you may wish to use a brown or grey liner rather than going straight to black. You can apply the liner in a less than perfect way and then use either a little sponge blending tool or a brush to tidy up.

If doing this, I tend to start with the outer half of the upper lid again. You want to aim to extend the liner up and outwards from the eye. I start by making a light mark as to where I'd like the liner to end, then drawing a straight line from the centre of the lid to this point, before joining up from the outer corner to this mark.

Step 1: make a small mark as to where you want your liner to end. This will
act as a guide and you can be sure the ends will be even at the start. 

Step 2: from the middle of the eye, draw one line to your dot.
Draw another from the outer corner of your eye, and fill in. 
For this look I favour a gel liner, but you can also use either kohl or liquid. Kohl and gel can be blended and smudged for a more lived in look, whereas liquid will give a definite and sharper line. To be fair, I've done quite a defined version here despite using gel liner.

Et voila, one version of the "more is more" liner look. Not quite a pin-up
flick yet to me, because we've got colour on the bottom lash line and I
prefer a really clean bottom lash line for the "pin-up" look. 

2.2 Total black out...

The second way to up the ante on the liner front is by lining the entire eye - both on the upper and lower lids in addition to the waterline. This isn't a great look for smaller eyes as it does close the eye in, with using so much black both around and inside the eye.

For those of you who have more lidded eyes, or just tend to find eyeliner doesn't stay put, I'd recommend applying a shadow in your skin tone from the lash line to brow, using a kohl liner and setting it with a small brush (e.g. a lip brush) and a similar toned eyeshadow.

Extending my lower lash liner towards my tearduct, and also lining inside
rim of eyes. Again, with a giant hand. 
Blink heavily several times to ensure the inside eye liner smudges into both
the upper and lower waterlines. Meaning no breaks in the black between lashes.
Best to use a soft, waxy pencil like kajal for this if you can. Otherwise soft kohl or
gel will do a similar job (but not last quite so long). 
As with last time, make sure to use my tag on instagram to make sure I can see the results of your efforts!!

Til next time kitty kats - love, hugs and lash fluttering kisses

xx Josephine xx

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