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Getting started series #9 Blusher

Good morning Ladies and Gents…

We're nearing the end of our quest through the "bare minimum" make-up bag according to Yours Truly - with the noted exception of eyeshadow, which I'm still contemplating how to cover off in a single page post given my unnatural obsession with seemingly identikit taupes (inspiration for the title has just now struck like a beautimous lightning bolt hitting the Chrysler building, or something similarly and inappropriately dramatic - allow me this moment, dear readers).
Soft pink - v blendable, easy to use cream

Today's topic is blusher - a lovely girlie little whirl around the barest whisper of pink, through cotton candy and Barbie® pink before hop-skip-jumping through plums, corals and kinda dirty looking browny colours.

Why is blusher important? Well, after you've slicked on your foundation (or lighter Denier base coverage) you've created a lovely blank canvas for yourself. Covering all manner of ills and real (or imagined) flaws. That's great! We've added our Rachel Weisz brows, highlighted our cheek and brow bones, and sculpted the planes of our face with some bronzer to add a glow and some definition. GREAT STUFF! However, we don't have any colour on our faces yet and we don't want to walking around like the Undead - general objective of my face painting.

So, let's add a pop of colour to give us that peaches and cream / healthy flush / naughty afterglow as desired.
Buildable, light pink from BeneFit

As ever, you've got a variety of textures you can use - powder is probably the most common but creams provide a subtle wash of colour and a natural finish, stains can be lovely but a note of caution - work quickly, and less is more easily remedied than too much to start with. Powders and stains last longer than creams.

My favourite shades are:

- Palest pink - BeneFit's Dandelion. Reportedly worn by SJP as Carrie Bradshaw, this pink is beautifully light and bright, but can be built if you'd like a darker colour. Not going to be great on darker skin tones in all honesty.

Cool Pink blush from No7 - super pretty
- Brighter pink - Illamasqua's Tremble blush (pictured) has been my "go to" since I got it in their January sale. Hellah pigmented, it should show on all skin tones - but a light hand is required, plus blend, blend, blend. No7's Cool Pink is a good alternative, or for a cream finish I adore MaxFactor's cream blush in Soft Pink.

BeneFit's Coralista (not mine!)
- Coral - It appears to be a theme I didn't actually realise before writing this post but BeneFit's Coralista is a gorgeous, suits all shade. For cream finish I use Bobbi Brown's Cabo Coral, but Maybelline's Apricot blush is adorable and much more affordable - less pigmented than the BB version though. NARS Orgasm is cult fave.

- Red - not necessarily something which you'd wear every day but can look super on darker skin tones, I've got Ruby & Millie's Face Gloss which I think is now discontinued (it wasn't easy to work with anyway). A true red blush looks amazing on darker skin tones, but hasn't been something which has worked for me in the past.
Maybelline's cream blush - Apricot

You can also get more out there shades like lavender and purple, but I confess I tend to experiment more on lips and eyes than cheeks. What's your favourite blush and why - let me know what I'm missing out on!

'Til next time kitty cats,

xx Josephine xx

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