Thursday, 3 July 2014

Nails Inc set offer from QVC UK

Evening (UK) Beauty Addicts and Enthusiasts

I've been super happy with my coral nails courtesy of Nails Inc Gel Manicure formulation over the past couple of days - barely any chips, which is unheard of for me short of a full Shellac manicure.

I used a base coat to apply the coral shade (Kensington Passage) but didn't use a topcoat. Even on my non-adjusted iPhone picture - left - you can see how glossy the finish on these polishes are. This is with two medium-thick coats of polish applied.

I therefore thought I'd share with you the Nails Inc Be GELous collection currently on offer on QVC UK. All my pals will know of my addiction to QVC - this is not a sponsored post, a little too early on for that!! Some reviews said the lid shape was unwieldy - but if you pull the rectangular lid off there's an easier-to grip ridged version underneath - a la Chanel bottles.

Since these polishes retail at £14 a pop on the High Street, five of them for £30 (exc P&P) is a pretty great deal. I also think the colours are great and will be able to easily take you into autumn.

If your budget doesn't stretch to this kit then you can always sashay to Superdrug and check out the Barry M Gelly nail paints which offers cute colours all at a reasonable £4 per bottle.

'Til next time chums!

xx Josephine xx

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