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Getting started series #10 lips, lips, lips!

Hallo, there my beauties!

The final instalment in our Valiant Quest of the Make-up Bag. I'm at once sad and also a bit relieved that we can move on to other topics - and also that I've actually finished a series I've started on the blog!

My Bobbi Brown "nude"
Anyhoo, lips, lips, lips - so many options and colours and so little time. We can go from Angelina Jolie lip balm (though this will not give you her lips) through Bridget Bardot nudes, Kylie Jenner pinky-beige to Cheryl Cole neon pink or classic Marilyn Red. That's not to forget the more out there options like RiRi black or blues, purples or green.

When looking for a "nude" lipstick don't assume you need to go for something with a concealer type effect - depending on your skin tone and natural lip colour your "nude" could range from beige, caramel, warm or cool pinks. For example I've got quite a blue tone in my natural lip colour so for me Bobbi Brown Pale Mauve or L'Oreal's Collection Prive Frieda's Nude are my shades of choice.

Rather than going through all the shades I thought I might go through the products I really like and then you can go and have a play for yourself with all the shades at the counters. 

- Lipbalm - Based on rave reviews I've been using the Nuxe Reve de Miel lip balm, which I love because of it's matte texture which is great for under lipsticks etc. For a cheaper alternative Nivea's creme brûlée lip butter tin - delish! 

- Sheer lipsticks - these can be great if you want to try out a new colour but want to dip your toe in the water rather than go full-on gloss coverage. No7 do a great range, otherwise you can check out Clinique Almost Lipstick (cult shade is Black Honey, which comes out really naturally despite the depth of shade in the tube and picture on the right).

A small selection of Clinique's chubbies
- Lip crayons - lovely for a glossy, tint on the lips. Kick started by Clinique's Chubby Sticks but taken up with gusto across High Street ranges. No7's gets a particularly good write up - I tried Revlon's but the colour oxidised very badly and didn't end up looking anything like the tube colour. Not pleased - perhaps their new formula is better.

- Lip stains - you can achieve a sheer tint here again, but they should be longer lasting. Watch out, these can be drying, my favourites here are Maybelline's Superstay 10hr Stain Gloss and L'Oreal's Glamshine Stain Splash

- Creamy lipsticks - I think I'd be shot here if I didn't mention MAC here. Their vanilla scented lipsticks come in a HUGE range of colours and generally the wear is good. I particularly like their lustre formulation. On the High Street side of things, yet again I have to give it up to L'Oreal's range which I think is great for natural shades. 

Melt is an indie brand with a limited but
fabulous shade range #savinghard
- Matte Lipsticks - MAC's range again covers matte colours, but Illamasqua also have a fantastic range - and more alternative shades - or for the more adventurous amongst you, next on my hit list if DGAF from Melt Cosmetics. These formulations tend to last longer than the creamier versions.

- Long-wearing formulations - again, these can be drying, however I have been really impressed with Rimmel Apocolips (thanks to Ellen for the recommendation) and Maybelline's 14hr wear lipstick. Both of which have decent shade selections and are affordable for those wanting to dip a toe in the water. 

I've not included lip glosses above (although I am a sucker for MAC's) since the high gloss finish has been left behind with Buffalo platforms in the early Noughties. Also, it's totally possible to get gloss finish products now without having to worry about a gust of wind leaving half of your hair stuck to your mouth.
I love Illamasqua lipstick so
much I had to include their
picture, too!

What's your favourite shade at the moment? Have I missed your favourite product? Let me know below!

'Til next time kittens - hope you've enjoyed the series

xx Josephine xx

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  1. I have the Baume Levres Lip is brilliant!


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