Sunday, 7 September 2014

Day to Night make-up…(almost) all drugstore

Hi Girls and Guys,

There have been a few requests for day to night make-up (and indeed for more natural make up looks generally) so hopefully I can use this post to kill two birds with one stone…metaphorically speaking, of course.

The photos here are with no filter, but a few were taken in more direct sunlight (top left below for the natural look) and on the second camera on my iPhone. I was struggling to show the colours properly as they were quite pale.
Day to night and the Iconic 3 palette from Cosmetic
Revolution - available online & at Superdrug for now.

I picked up some items from the Makeup Revolution line at Superdrug the other week. They're very affordable and there appear to be some great dupes of more expensive lines' key offerings which I'll review over the next couple of weeks in between other posts.

The key item for this look is probably their Iconic 3 palette (there are three Iconic palettes, broadly a dupe for each Urban Decay Naked palette). Iconic 1 is warmer toned neutrals, Iconic 2 slightly cooler and Iconic 3 pinkish.

These retail at £4 in the UK, which is excellent. the quality on the shades varies but is pretty darn good. Nowhere near as buttery as UD, but there again they're about 10% of the price.

Base - day to night

I used Maybelline's Baby Skin Instant Fatigue Blur as a base - nice, but not overly effective. Something I picked up to throw in my holiday bag.

For the base, I used three of the cream concealers in Revolution's Ultra Cover and Conceal palette (I paid £6 for this, my palette is light - medium in shade, I'll review separately) and buffed in with some of Bourjois's Healthy Balance powder.

For the blush, I used Maybelline's dream touch blush in Apricot. This gave a not too obvious contouring and some coverage while remaining quite natural. To up the ante for the night look and to balance the stronger eyes and lips, I added some stronger blush (Coralista by BeneFit - non drugstore) and bronzer from Bourjois. 

Eyes - day to night

I think the key thing which can really make you look like you're more made up is the use of eyeliner (at all, in softer colours or in black). 

Liner really helps frame your eyes and lashes, but you can simply use an eyeshadow with a stiff brush - lip brush can work in a pinch - to give a subtle definition.

Here I'm wearing L'Oreal's Brow Expert and their Contour Khol in a dark brown. I had no mascara on for this look as I was about to go into the night look and it's hard to work around done lashes!

For the night look I worked to build up colour with a few more shades, but it was all just on top of the day time look as this was intended as a "desk to dance floor" type attempt. I popped on the lid and crease colours before applying more (black) liner and blending out with a stiff precision brush. 

I've used Avon's Super Shock liner here. 

I then finished with two coats of mascara on the top lashes and one on the bottom Masquara from Illamasqua as that's the one in my bag at the moment. 

Lips - day to night

I then applied a pink lipstick (I'd previously just had some matte lip balm on) to finish. I'd guess the conversion to night took about 7 - 10 minutes, without patching up any concealer which you might have to come 5pm leaving time. 

So what's the verdict kitty kats? Will you be tripping the light fantastic from desk to dance floor with the tips in this post? What's your day to night routine - any multi-purpose items you can't live without?

Let me know below, or on Twitter or Instagram

xx Josephine xx

Twitter: @JojoSparklesNI

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