Thursday, 30 October 2014

Halloween 2014 - Creepy skull

Inspiration picture!

Hello Guys and Gals…

This look is really one which can be used by either chaps or chapettes come Friday. I'm personally being commissioned to recreate a version of this for my Baby Sister and her hubby as they want to go to their Halloween party as the Lady Gaga and friend skulls from Born this Way.

I think I'd like to update it a little to use some tips from Phee's Makeup Tips tutorial, which looked ace on Instagram.

Kryolan aqua colour cake in white.

Basic black shapes / teeth:
Bombshell liquid eyeliner pen;
Black shadow from Sleek Ultra Matte v2;
Avon supershock gel liner; 

Black shadow from Sleek Ultra Matte v2, blended with cotton buds and fingers. 

Bombshell liquide eye-liner pen. 

I haven't drawn on the neck vertebrae here, as I did with my 2012 attempt (this was just a trial run) - and I'd note here that I had an error on my forehead shading first time which meant it blended in a little grey rather than white. 

I need to fix up my teeth too, but hopefully this would give a rough outline for your think about. Overall I think this look took me about 40 minutes, including watching a tutorial and messing up my forehead. 

Good luck if you're re-creating this weekend…!

Happy Halloween kitty kats, until next time

xx Josephine xx

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