Friday, 31 October 2014

Simple Halloween looks with eyeliner - cat and witch

Hey guys and gals

Fear not if you've just decided to head out for Halloween at the last minute with just a flick of some eyeliner you too can be a sexy kitten or a wicked witch (per Miranda Hobbs in SATC, the only two choices for women at Halloween…if not in life).

Sexy kitten

Over my general day time make-up I just applied additional wings to my eyeliner on both the inner and outer corners, coloured in the tip of my nose (from the outside of my nostrils in) and my upper lip and then joined the two with a line.

Whiskers optional but fun!

I used a felt tip style eyeliner, colouring in the nose with a gel eyeliner pencil to make it more black.

Wicked witch with spiderwebs

Again, using only eyeliner…after fully lining my eyes top and bottom, I drew the web on first with the straight lines coming out over the eye, temple and cheekbone area. I then put curves in to join the web.

Our friendly neighbourhood spider is two circles, with legs coming out both sides on the front and back. He needs a little work as it currently looks a bit like a 5 year old attacked my face - silver lining is that both of these took me approximately 5 minutes to do!

Hopefully this is helpful if you decide to go out tonight last minute….or indeed to spookify your look in the toilets later after a few sherbets*

Happy Halloween kitty kats

xx Josephine xx

* Note: I do not recommend applying gel eyeliner in patterns when under the influence, but if you do - please post your pictures and tag #josephinesparklesbeautyblog on Twitter or Instagram


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