Sunday, 2 November 2014

Long time object of lust….Lime Crime Serpentina

Serving Victoriana goth
realness in this vignette shot
Greetings Guys and Dolls,

This post is probably one of the more "alternative" ones that I do, since it definitely won't have universal appeal, but ever since I saw this little beauty online my eyes were shaded a beautiful metallic green of pure covetousness!

Hardly for everyday wear, but something which appeals to the beauty experimentalist in me - let's be honest I'm not going to wear this one out of the house in daylight hours, but actually think it will work for a different take on the typical vampy lip look which we're seeing a lot of in the autumn and winter months. Probably a year or two too late to be keeping up with the Pantone shades of the year, but there we have it…

Lime Crime Serpentina is a limited edition which has been released for Halloween the last few years, I think originally it was issued with a metallic plum colour called Poisonberry which also appears to be available online again.

Flash / no flash swatches in artificial
light - no daylight allowed for me!
I bought mine in a bit of an impulsive haul from Love Makeup which is a great site for accessing brands such as OCC, Lime Crime and Zoeva for us UK girls. Particularly those who don't live in London so may not have day to day access to alternative brands in shops.

Lime Crime describe Serpentina as "metallic green" and it certainly does what it says on the tin. The colour goes on opaque with no primer or base within two to three swipes. I didn't bring my green eyeliner home to NI but I'll be looking in the eye pencil tray for a good liner for this one.

This is my first Lime Crime unicorn lipstick, but the packaging is super cute (per when I've seen them in real life when SpaceNK used to stock them) and I'm impressed at the colour being true to tube on the lips.
Does my nose look big in this?
No liner, so not very neat.

It cost £12.50, but for those of you wanting to jump on the bandwagon - act quick! It's already showing as sold out on the Lime Crime website from the States.

What do you think of coloured lipstick? Big thumbs up, or a hells to the no? Let me know in the comments below, or on Twitter / Instagram.

Happy Sunday kitty kats - as I flit back to London to get back to the grindstone tomorrow!

xx Josephine xx

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