Sunday, 9 November 2014

Winter survival kit - Dr PawPaw ointment

Salutations boys and girls, 
I feel like the combination of central heating, air con, wind and rain recently has left my skin a little parched. Not to mention the slathering on of face paints for Halloween type fun. As a result I've had chapped lips and more redness in my cheeks than usual. 

This presented the perfect opportunity to try out the cult product which is Dr PawPaw ointment - there are three colour options available; clear, pink/peach and red. I selected pink/peach. 

I confess I was skeptical, as I've been obsessed with Nuxe Reve de Miel lip balm all year. Particularly because it's a matte balm (great for guys and also those who want to slick lippie on top). 

Lightly applied - more pink than
peach on me. 
Dr PawPaw was bought as part of my recent shopping frenzy on Love Makeup and was around £7 for 25ml which is very good value. As you can see from the photos it's not matte, however I have to say it feels really nice and hydrating on the lips, with a very subtle tint.

I like that it doesn't have a scent like Elizabeth Arden's 8hr cream and imagine if applied to a chapped nose mid-cold (overnight) it wouldn't sting quite like the 8hr cream can. It's may not be quite as intensive on the treatment side through either.

I applied it to my cheeks last night and it gives a nice sheen, but I'd say the colour isn't really visible even on my ghost like complexion - so I wouldn't give up your cream blushers just yet. On wind chapped days I'll use this as a base and tap a little cream blush over the top to add a little more colour while maintaining protection and hydration throughout the day. 

Not one for the chaps or ladies who are wedded to a matte skin look. 

What's your go to winter skin protector? How are you getting along so far this year with the wind/rain v central heating battles?

Til next time kitty kats, love and lollipops,

xx Josephine xx

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