Sunday, 23 November 2014

NOTD: Seeking black glitter

Sunday again, readers dearest…

Last week someone pointed out a beautiful black glitter nail polish in a magazine. My inner magpie was intrigued and I had an intense lemming-like craving to get that polish. Imagine my disappointment upon arrival at my Givenchy counter to discover the polish itself is a kind of translucent charcoal, with teeny tiny black glitter and slightly larger holographic particles in there. 

I'm assuming the mag either used four coats of the polish alone, or put it over a black cream base. Undeterred I applied two coats of the polish itself to my pinky and tried it over a coat of black cream on my ring finger. I then toddled off to Boots, to seek a dupe for under a fiver…

Well, I'll tell you this - there are certainly a lot of glitter polishes around at the moment. Maybelline's offerings in particular looked very fun, with a beautiful purple / blue shade from No7 in Boots. 

However it was obvious that there weren't (m)any that comprised the mix of black and holo glitter that I'd really liked in the Givenchy. There are a multiplicity of golds, rose golds, blues, greens and purples - and a lot of them are at very decent prices. 

However, in the end I tried the three closest polishes but I didn't really love them. 

I've included a picture of the different polishes here, products used:

Thumb: Essie Belugaria
Index finger: Sally Hansen - didn't get the number, sorry!
Middle finger: Seventeen Rock Hard X-treme
Ring finger: Givenchy Le Vernis #23 Folie Scintillante (one coat, over black gloss polish)
Pinky: two coats of Givenchy Le Vernis #23.

I guess the next best would be the Essie, but I decided to give myself an early Christmas present and go high end rather than dupe. 

Can't wait for the party season…what will you be wearing?

Til next time kitty kats…love, hugs and mulled wine flavoured kisses 

xx Josephine xx

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