Sunday, 30 November 2014

Preparing for a beautiful Christmas…and an Advent challenge to myself

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Selfridges, all prettified for
Christmas 2014
Hello readers most dear…

This year has been a little patchier than I would have liked in terms of the target number of posts I had versus the number I actually managed to publish! So, let's end it by going big (and then, going home to NI, but of course)…

Beautiful baubles in a window,
Warwick Avenue
Over the coming weeks I'll be posting daily products, tips, tricks and wish list items both large and small.

Hopefully you'll find some inspiration for presents - either for family, friends or (best of all) yourself!

I hope you enjoy, kitty kats - 'til next time…love, hugs and Christmas themed kisses 

xx Josephine xx

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