Monday, 1 December 2014

Blogmas 2014 - #1 Body Shop Vanilla Brûlée range

Happy Monday beauty addicts!
A scrumptious selection of bakery scented goodies
suitable for any sweet-toothed lady in your life!

The first day of Blogmas is sprung (I only discovered the existence of this term for my personal challenge last night on Twitter!)

Now it's a lovely, fairy light-lit, twinkling adventure to the funnest family day of all on the 25th. All very exciting, but as a gal with an aversion to all things cinnamon and clove scented, I can find the Christmas season somewhat nauseating with a profusion of such scented candles, pot pourri and oil burners.

How delightful then that the Body Shop has come up with some other festive scents. There are three scents in the range - glazed apple, frosted cranberry and vanilla brûlée.

While slightly saccharine the VB range is very much of that the ilk of the Laura Mercier bath and body products I adore but tend to hoard rather than using them as wantonly as I might with these beauties.

I bought a few items from the range a couple of weekends back:

The bath sprinkles are pretty and smell lovely, albeit the duration of scent wouldn't necessarily stand up to more expensive competitors. However, that's what layering is for!

The body polish is nice - fairly large particles, I wouldn't use it for serious exfoliation (I prefer this as a shower gel with benefits, whereas I'd use a sugar or salt scrub pre fake tanning). Similar to other formulations from the Body Shop, so regular users will know what they're getting.

Body lotion isn't too shimmery (as with other products in this vein your palms will catch it more than anywhere else). However you can supplement with a scented powder diffuser The Sparkler…delicious, golden sparkles. I'll be using on décolletage and hair throughout the festive party season. Yummmm*

Overall, I thought this bundle was really nice and would work well as a present for any of the ladies in your life!

Have you tried any of the Christmas ranges? What did you think?

Til tomorrow, kitty kats…

xx Josephine xx

*Note: pretty sure this is not akin to those lickable body powders UD used to do. Don't eat - just admire!

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