Friday, 12 December 2014

Blogmas 2014: #12 RMK Ingenious Powder eyes (EX-04)

Happy Friday pals!

Well, post-Christmas party I must confess I could be feeling a little better rested and happy within myself than I do right at this instance. However, to make up for the lack of inner sparkle I might be feeling, I believe in distraction tactics and the hearty application of a pretty glitter shadow any time I'm in doubt or feeling a little lack lustre.

Enter this very pretty little number from RMK. The box makes me think of Alice in Wonderland and all the little "eat me" or "drink me" labels. Terribly cute - and it just gets better when you open it up…

These are very like the "pop" square in a Charlotte Tilbury / Tom Ford quad, pressed pigment from MAC or the glitter element in the most recently released Bourjois quads. Except this looks even more like pressed glitter!

You can use alone (I'd suggest using a cream shadow or eyelid primer as a base) or press over another eyeshadow to give it a bit of party lift.

As ever…concealer best afterwards as all glitter shadows are a little prone to fall out!

Disappointingly, my camera skills are such that I really haven't been able to capture quite how beautiful this little number is as I might have liked to. Please go to your nearest counter to check it out.

In real life the sparkle was immense and super glittery :(
It's £15 here for those with no nearby counter.

Enjoy…til tomorrow kitty kats. Much love, many hugs and glittery kisses

xx Josephine xx

P.s. today marks half way through the Advent Series!!! Giving myself a tiny little pre-emptive high five and hoping I get the second half done in a similarly timely manner, also...

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