Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Blogmas 2014: #9 Product Review TopShop The Foundation

So pretttty, you seductive little minx of a vial, you...
Morning beauty addicts!

Today's FOTD is with TopShop's Foundation, in shade 1.0. There are currently five shades available in the product which is claimed to be self-correcting in order to match with your skin tone. While I'm pretty pale I actually prefer to wear a foundation which is darker than my natural skin tone and then blend it in using a mixture of the product itself and bronzer. My first inclination was therefore to try the second shade - however it was far too dark and orange.

In fact Shade 1.0 gives me the darker shade I wanted - so first bit of bad news here not one to pick up for your pale and interesting gal pals / relatives.

Coverage & feel:
The consistency is described as a gel-serum and coverage is anticipated to be light to medium, but build able. The coverage and initially provides a reassuring "feel" of something being on the skin while (slowly) setting into a lovely velvety feeling to the touch.

While I like feeling foundation on my skin I recognise that others hate it, so bear in mind the personal preferences of anyone you might be buying this for before taking the plunge. I also wouldn't wear this without setting with powder first.

No concealer or powder, about 10 mins after application
Price & value for money:

At £16 for 30mls this isn't quite high end but it's more expensive than High Street, especially given the availability of 3 for 2 or similar deals on other brands commonly available at Hihg Street chemists / drug stores for the US readers amongst you.

"Lookin' pretty swanky here TopShop…me likey"
thought I before handing over £16 of the Queen's finest...

The packaging is super pretty and very much in keeping with the higher price - it's frosted glass, with a pipette dispenser. Something I thought would be useful for controlling the amount used and also hygienic. How wrong I was… 

I. Hate. This. Bottle. Loathe - want to condemn to the "never again shall such an abomination be paid for out of my hard earned cash" pile. The pipette dispenses next to nothing. See photo - that's with a full squeeze in the jar to pick up maximum product and then a full squeeze onto the palette. Such overly generous attempts shall yield enough liquid to cover one's nose - and that's not assuming a nose of elephant trunk proportions.

I'm sure a kitten might sneeze harder than this pipette
manages to dispense...
All in all this is a mixed bag - nice product (not without failings), gorgeous packaging but expensive and completely useless dispensing method. Less than ideal.

Have you tried this? What thought you?

Til tomorrow kitty kats - love, hugs and kinda frustrated at TopShop foundation kisses

xx Josephine xx

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