Thursday, 4 December 2014

Blogmas 2014: #4 Hair hero - Tresemme hairspray

Guys and gals

With my fine locks which have a tendency to be neither straight nor wavy, I've come to understand that hairspray can be my friend. Now Cheryl & co may look fabulous with Elnett, not to mention the ability to brush a style out easily and without residue may be an attractive notion when doing studio styling. For real life - I want some serious clout.

My hairspray needs to deal with sweaty Tube scalp syndrome, probable light to heavy rains and winds, heat styling and being stuffed into giant scarves. That's before I reach the office - with the onslaught of hair pulling, air con, central heating and general fussing which occurs throughout the day.

Is it any wonder my hair looks like an assault victim by 4pm?

In any case, since I discovered Tresemme's industrial strength and sized cans of hairspray I have been a much happier lady on the days I remember to apply it. Essentially should I be curling my hair, or partaking in rollers / backcombing - it can also assist in the battle against frizz.

The super strength version (5 circles, white can) is essentially aerosolised super glue. Something I tend to hold back for long days because no-one is going to want to touch your hair - frankly, not even you - before you've run a tangle teaser through that a couple of times afterwards. But it will hold. Like a modern day Gandalf the Grey yelling "none shall pass" but without the months / years of inner earth battles with evil.

My preferred variant is #4 (pictured). It's great because the range is widely available in supermarkets and chemists plus comes in every size from handbag ready to Drag Queen lacquer vat.

Enjoy - and good luck in the battle for party perfect hair!

Til tomorrow kitty kats - love, hugs and gently teased tendrils

xx Josephine xx

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