Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Blogmas 2014: #2 Festive earrings courtesy of Accessorize

Can there be a greater joy than that of teeny weeny
snowmen, non-gender specific gingerbread people,
glittering stars and Christmas trees?
World peace aside... 
Happy Blogmas my beautiful readers one and all!

I hope you're enjoying the tiny chocolate laden path to a day filled with wonderful family smiles, nibbles, tipples, snoozes and arguments over who really won that last round of the game. Ah, no…. just me at 163, then?

In any case, I'll be indulging myself with some pretty little earrings from Accessorize. At least, until the base metal they're made of renders my ears so sensitive they can't touch me for a week.

Even so, I shall persevere in the name of Christmas cheer.

I picked these up a while ago but I'm sure they're still around (or if not, available for only £6 here) and I think they make an excellent small present to yourself or stocking filler for a friend / sister / daughter. I specifically like that they're all different - I've got two piercings in each ear so this means I can play around with up to four different Christmas themes all in one day.

Will the happiness never cease - I smell like dessert and look like a walking Christmas tree. This is what I live for!

How's your Christmas shopping going so far? I've started but nowhere near finished…hints from sisters would be much appreciated at this stage ;)

Til tomorrow kitty kats - love, hugs and gingerbread man kisses

xx Josephine xx

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