Monday, 15 December 2014

Blogmas 2014: #15 Tip of the Day - starter brushes for eyes

Jeepers, creepers….where'd you get those peepers?
Monday again…but the holiday season is almost upon us.

So heads down and let's keep cracking for the rest of the week!

A very common question I get is around the brushes I use and what, if people are buying them, should they make sure is in their starter kit. Foundation and blush brushes are probably a whole separate topic - but let's assume that you can get where you need to there with fingers in a pinch, so I'm going to concentrate on eyes.

I've put these, top to bottom, in the order I think they make most sense to buy. Intended and alternative uses included below so hopefully my rationale is clear! My little ones have been on the go a long time and the maker is now liquidated, but I've included links to other brushes for you to check out.

1. Socket / crease brush - If you want to deepen the colour in your crease this brush will literally do the work for you. A tiny bit of product and sweep through crease and voila.

Alternatively, you can use to sweep on across the lid if you don't have a fluffy shadow brush (#4). Good examples can be found from Zoeva for very reasonable prices and to try out.

2. C shadow brush - this brush has short, dense bristles and is really useful for blending and enhancing a smoky eye. Alternatively, great at packing on glitter or a loose pigment.

I end up using mine to do a lot of the highlighting work on my inner corner / brow bone. ELF's Studio range do a good example of one.

3. Blender - meant to do what it says on the tin. The shorter, tighter bristles mean that I also use it for depositing colour in the crease which I then blend out with a clean crease brush.

This is probably one of my favourite brushes ever - I use it with cream shadow, powders and blending out liner. Zoeva seem to have a similar brush here.

4. Fat, fluffy eyeshadow brush - for a wash of colour. Available in lots of places, Real Techniques is great on the High Street and I also like EcoTools.

5. Pencil brush - great for smoking out liner and blending around the lash line. Mine is from Zoeva, here.

Please note that MAC and other high end brands do great brushes - I've just not included them here, because I think realistically there are great offerings out there online which give brilliant performance but needn't cost £20 a brush.

That's not really necessary (in my opinion) where brushes are for personal use rather than professional.

I hope this was helpful ladies - let me know if any issues / queries or comments, below.

Til tomorrow - love, hugs and sweeping motions to blend, kittens!

xx Josephine xx

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