Saturday, 6 December 2014

Blogmas 2014: #6 Tip of the day - lower lash line eyeliner

Happy weekend!

While I am a chronic eyeliner addict, I do like to experiment with the ways I wear it and formulas I wear. Recently I have been wearing my lower eyeliner only part of the way across my eye rather than entirely around the eye and have been asked how to get a subtle finish on this, rather than looking like a bad clown!
End result - using Urban Decay Naked Basics 2 palette 
The trick I find is to make sure you've not applied the eyeliner, before blending, to the entire area that you want to see it in. Rather, I apply the eyeliner a half to two thirds of the way along where I want it to end up and then blend out - see above for the finished look and below for where I actually applied the eyeliner.

Applying L'Oreal Gelmatic liner in taupe grey half way
along lash line
This ensures you get a more controllable finish as it's easier to add more than to take away over-zealously applied liner. I find kohl and gel the best formulations for this effect - not liquid, which I reserve for when I want a very precise line and an almost glossy black finish to the end look.

There are three items I suggest you can use to blend out eyeliner (decreasing in price as we go down) - note I tend to blend out using a similarly toned eyeshadow to increase staying power:

1 - Pencil brush / smoky liner brush: I've used ELF's precision brush (under £4) for a long time, before recently upgrading to Zoeva's luxe pencil and smoky liner brushes (available on love makeup). I prefer a brush to blend but if you're just starting out then you can easily make do with the cotton buds or even a lip brush* for this part.

Here I'm blending out with Zoeva's Luxe Pencil brush
2 - Sponge tip tool: sometimes you can get these on the end of an eyeliner pencil - in which case they're even cheaper than the cotton buds - or you can buy standalone. I personally like the ones on the ends of the No7 Amazing Eyes pencil in a pinch but generally avoid these in favour of either a brush or a cotton bud.

3 - Cotton bud / Q-tip: self-explanatory and freely available…well, almost free! I'd suggest this is where you start. Not to be too brand-y about it, I have never really gotten on with any of these other than the good old fashioned Johnson & Johnson baby cotton buds. None of the own brands seem to have the same "fatness" of cotton.

(Top to bottom) Zoeva Luxe Pencil Brush / Smoky Liner Brush
ELF Small Precision Brush / No7 Amazing Eyes eyeliner & smudged
Johnson & Johnson cotton buds
Til tomorrow kitty kats - love, hugs and beautifully smoked out peepers

xx Josephine xx

* Note: if using a lip brush make sure you've cleansed thoroughly or only use for eyes before using…hygiene and cleanliness next to godliness after all!

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