Friday, 5 December 2014

Blogmas 2014: #5 White eyeliner (something different)

Wakey, wakey rise and shine!

Obviously, as with Mr Bing Crosby we're all dreaming of a white Christmas here in the UK. In reality it might actually involve some damp, drizzle and perhaps some wind. So if Mother Nature won't oblige, perhaps Illamasqua can help us out.

DSLR with flash, artificial light.
I bought Precision Ink in Scribe a little while ago but haven't actually use it for much other than filling in the "gap" on a double wing look with black mascara.  It seemed like this time of year might then be appropriate to try something a little new and specifically white!

DLSR with LED light ring attached. 
I personally missed my black liner so this look isn't something I'll necessarily wear very much - but in pictures it actually looks like much less of a change than I thought.  In any case, it's something a little different so might inspire you to play around.

The liner applies smoothly, albeit I'm a little out of practice with liquid liner given my long standing addiction to gel formulations. That being said, I managed to get the shape I wanted and just let it dry and completed with a second coat to get complete opacity where I'd had some stroke marks towards the outer edge.

Urban Decay Basics 2
Burberry Lip Mist - Camelia Pink
Illamasqua Precision Ink - Scribe
I'm a fan of the sponge tip applicator (long time love on the liquid liner front is Superliner by L'Oreal which has a very similar applicator)

Additionally Precision Ink comes in a range of more conventional colours. The staying power is great and it applies beautifully opaque - when you're used to liquid liner!

To show effect on lid - DSLR with LED light ring, again.
What's the verdict? Yay or nay to the snowy horizons being on your face rather than just in your dreams?

Til tomorrow kitty cats - love, hugs and wintery eye batting

xx Josephine xx

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