Wednesday, 26 November 2014

And now, for something a little different…Winter 2014 Trend - FRECKLES!!!

Freckle ambition: achieved!
Guys and gals,

When I was little and we went on sunny holidays I got freckles across my nose and cheeks (relatively rare, given my parents' belief that small children shouldn't be on aeroplanes hence we spent a lot of time going to Ireland and Scotland as summer holidays). We're not talking a face wide join the dots puzzle, but just some across the bridge of my nose and cheeks.

And. I. Loved. Them.

Even if I still had freckles (I don't) I'm not a sheer coverage foundation kind of girl so they wouldn't be visible anyway.

Enter: TopShop's Freckle Pencil.

I'm able to use this little beauty to create my very own natural looking freckles on a daily basis - should I wish. They needn't interfere with a targeted porcelain finish if I choose to go that route instead.

Method: I dot the pencil all over the desired area, in a fairly random way. I don't go very heavy or super light. I also keep the pencil fairly sharp in order to have lots of little freckles because that's the look I prefer.

Freckle pencil and glitter used for
photographed look, above.
I've also tried blunting the pencil a little on the back of my hand and so achieved larger freckles, if you prefer that look.

I then prefer when I take my ring finger and gently pat the freckles to blend into my foundation a little. This means they don't photograph so easily on the downside!

Replicate using…you might think eyeliner, but actually I think an eyebrow pencil in a slightly ashy brown shade might be a better bet. Brow pencils typically have a little more wax in them than normal liners, and chocolate brown freckles aren't likely to look so natural.

What do you guys think? Too cute to function, or just a bit childish?

Til next time kitty kats…love, hugs and speckled little Eskimo kisses

xx Josephine xx

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