Wednesday, 29 April 2015

What's new Wednesday - L'Oreal Infallible Matte

Greetings Chaps and chapettes

It's been a wee while since I have been blogging, with all sorts of real life fun and frolics taking up the hours and mental space (not to mention a horrid cold over the Easter weekend when I had intended to draft a few posts for April...the road to hell and all that). However at the behest of one of my favourite blondes, I am back. For how long who knows!

Anyway one of my favourite new purchases - well, I guess two if I'm being exact, is the L'Oreal Infallible Matte primer and foundation duo.

My nearest to work display only had four or five shades so I plumped for Shade 12 Natural Rose.

Following on from a few reviews I was hoping for full coverage and an all day finish.

First things first....the primer (base)

This is really nice - a silicone based formulation which covers pores and fine lines nicely. A good base for most foundations I would expect and entirely reasonable at
£7.99 - does what it says on the tin, improving wear time and also offering mattifying properties. It's lighter in texture and feel than the cult Smashbox cousin - I heartily recommend.

Following up with the foundation...

The foundation is pitched as matte (agree) and full coverage (hmm...)

Now perhaps I was hoping for too much as I was expecting something which might compete with Vichy's Dermablend liquid foundation but for a much reduced price. One blogger I read thought she could get away with no concealer when using this little tube of wonderousness. I didn't find the same - I'd call this medium coverage but it's buildable.

Not for you ladies who worship an uber natural finish though, nor my fellow roseacea suffering lovelies (as a standalone). I prefer the finish I achieve with my trusty underlayer of Bare Minerals with a topping of Rimmel's Wake Me Up. Unlike the Bare Minerals you can tell you're wearing make-up with this, so not for the casual acne cover up on the chaps out there either, I'd say.

Daylight, no filter, all but lippy applied.
I used a little extra concealer on my jaw due
to some redness which the foundation
didn't quite counteract on its ownsome.
The shade match is pretty good for my skin tone (MAC NW15-20, Bare Minerals Fairly Light or Light) but runs slightly pinker than I'd like - clue is in the name there, I should expect.

I need to use two layers over my nose and cheeks where I have additional colour and definitely couldn't go without concealer - but I do have pretty heavy duty circles. Definitely delivers for me throughout the day on matte finish and coverage once applied, though I tend to top up in the evening if I'm heading out.

All in all I like it - not quite the miracle some may have made me think it might be, but pretty freaking decent for £6.99. I'm yet to see a display which boasts a colour range to cover all pale and interesting types to lovely nubian skin tones - better for the pale gals in the UK. Harking back to a comment on L'Oreal's True Match Crayon Concealer, there.

Have you tried either of these little potions? What think you on either or both together?

Til next time kitty kats...hope you're enjoying the brief glimpses of sun between the rain / sleet / hail / snow storms...roll on May!!

Love, hugs and velvety finished kisses

xx Josephine xx

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