Thursday, 13 February 2014

10 minute manicure with IMpress Broadway nails

Hello Beauty Addicts!

Picked up a quick adhesive manicure in Boots this lunchtime (£7.99 on the high street but you can get them on 3 for 2 offers or for slightly less in local pharmacies in my experience). Not a bad result for five to ten minutes work in my lunch hour.

I've used these lots before, they come in a variety of colours which range from vampy to taupe to patterns. I tend to get 10 - 12 days of really good wear out of them (potentially lose one around the end of the first week - but easily replaced with the spares you can tote about in the little bottle shaped holder).

Once you've sized them up make sure you apply them from little finger to thumb so you retain the ability to pinch the tabs off to stick them down.

Easily removable with hot water and an orange stick. I find these less drying and more flexible than a gel manicure but note they might not be suitable if you have very shallow nail beds. Excuse the At Desk hand photo and beautiful grey caste to my mid-week skin ;)

Happy Thursday everyone! See you on the weekend for more smokey eye action :)



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