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How to: smokey eyes

Happy weekend Beauty Addicts!

One thing a lot of my friends ask me about is eye make-up application. While my make-up addiction is fairly well rounded, it has to be said that eyeshadow is a personal favourite - love to play up the peepers!

In any case, when you're starting out it can seem quite intimidating to slick on the dark shadow, black liner and three layers of mascara so I thought it would be useful to set out how I apply the shadow first and then suggest some colours / products depending on your eye colour and your colour confidence.

I don't have a dupe list at the minute but what I would say is that there is an increasing tendency for drugstore products to really up their game in terms of performance so do have a play when you're out and about in the shops to see what you like (and what's within budget).

Placement styles for a smokey eye

1) Liner focused (e.g. Mila Kunis' day look)

For Mila's look I always think of a dewy, subtle wash of colour with a really sultry smoked-out liner that surrounds the eye, including waterline (inner rim of eye for newbies).

2) Classic / full-on (e.g. Kirsten Stewart / Mila's evening look)

Here I'm envisaging a look which has a block colour - probably black or chocolate brown - which is applied full across the lid and then blended up and out to increase the impact of the eyes. Depending on your preference you might keep it quite precise in the application, or make it look a bit "lived in" for extra rocker chic.

3) Colour incorporation (I bow down to you, Katy Perry)

I love an alternative to a classic smokey eye which you can achieve really easily by using a colour rather than the classic black / chocolate. My personal favourites are green and purple, but a navy is also awesome and quite a modern take.

First up is the most natural of the lot, so take a peep, have a play and just enjoy yourself - makeup should always be fun!!

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