Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Hello & welcome to my beauty blog!

Hello Beauty Addicts!

I'm a girl in love with make-up, products, lotions and potions in all the various shapes and guises they now come in. Being a long time watcher of massive YouTube and blog personalities I thought I'd like to add more than the occasional Tweet to the worldwide web of beauty rumblings.

Mostly I will aim to give a mixture of product reviews (good, bad and ugly - both around performance and value for money) and "How to" for celebrity and editorial looks that happen to catch my eye.  I'll aim to do talk you through more wearable versions of looks, in addition to adding more obvious "looks".

Ultimately I also want to create my own YouTube channel, but one step at a time! Really looking forward to getting to know more girls and boys who are just as passionate about make-up as me through the blog - so please do get in touch!

First proper make-up post planned for later this keep and eye out and subscribe for updates!

Love, glitter and kisses



Twitter: @JojoSparklesNI
Instagram: @JosephineSparkles_NI

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