Wednesday, 11 February 2015

What's that about Wednesday... Brow tutorial

Happy Humpday Sparkles! 

I've had a request for an eyebrow tutorial, so am obliging albeit slightly after the fact for the lady in question! With the rise of Cara Delevigne etc in the bushy brow brigade there's increased awareness of how they really can define and frame your face like no other part of your makeup. Now is a great time to be starting out with a variety of actually good high street products so you can play with various formulations at relatively low prices to figure out which suit you best. 

The tutorial below uses just my trusty Illamasqua brow cake (shade: Motto) as I use powders on a daily basis for a softer finish. While I think some of the stronger looks photograph beautifully I don't personally find them wearable in real life. 

You can get a similar finish with a pencil, a spoolie and a light hand. Alternatively try an eyeshadow in a similar shade to your brows to start out with. For blondes use an ashy taupe colour. Apply with a slanted eyeliner brush (they come in most brush kits so you've probably got one lying around somewhere). 

So...where to start. First make sure your brows are sitting correctly and flat - run a spoolie through them, or an old toothbrush if you're stuck. Btw don't buy a spoolie - make your own in a pinch by cleaning an old mascara wand off once it's done. 

When colour is fresh on your brush I first fill in the tail of the brow. This will be the darkest naturally (on me at least) so I apply first. 

Next up I define the bottom line of the brow. For me, I follow the natural shape of my brow but if you've got really sparse brows you could use a brow or liner pencil to draw on your desired line. Blonde pals check out MAC's brow pencils or Maybelline for light shades which will hopefully work for you. 

Next up I pop on the top of my arch - I fill this in from about halfway across my brow to join up with the tail of my brow. I prefer quite an angular brow shape but you can fill in to your taste.

You'll see above I've left the middle third of the brow empty of product other than the bottom line. That's because the next step is *using only the residual product on your brush* to just buff on colour to fill this in. 

While I've done the rest of the brow using horizontal strokes, to fill on the middle I'm using vertical. With a powder this is less important but if you're using a pencil this will ensure the strokes look as close to the existing hair growth direction as possible. Less "scouse brow" and more natural - but feel free to block off if that's how your tastes run. Nothing like experimenting to see what you like best! 

And here's the finished look as well as a half and half - I definitely can see the difference once the brows are on. So much so it almost pained me to do my face for this look without putting them on!! 

If you want to define more then you can use a concealer pencil underneath the brow and over the arch, blend lightly and set with whichever shadow highlight you use (or not). 

Hopefully that was helpful - if you've got any other brow recommendations in terms of applications or products let me know in the comments!! 

xx Josephine xx

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