Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Bookish Beauty: Harry Potter & The Chamber of Secrets (Theme: Killer Glance) - Illamasqua Pigments

Hi Sparkles!!

Continuing on our Harry Potter adventure under the Bookish Beauty theme we're now entering the Chamber of Secrets, home to the basilisk which can kill by its mere glance. So naturally this got me thinking about killer eye products which stop me in my tracks.

Long time favourite of mine are the Illamasqua pigments, these are messy little creatures but the sparkle is well worth the effort (and glittery home which will ensue!)

I've shown three shades here, but my favourite has to be Fervent which is a reddish - green duo chrome colour a little like an amped up version of MAC's Club shadow.

From back left - Beguile, Furore and Fervent
However two more are worth a mention - Beguile which is a beautiful shimmery white with holographic flecks and Furore which is a more natural pigment and can multi-task nicely as a highlighter on your cheeks, certainly for the paler beauties reading. It might look chalky on darker skin tones - so definitely try before you buy.

Make sure when you open this babies that you keep the plastic label over the dispensing hole, which will help minimise mess as you continue to use them over time (a lesson I've learned the hard way). I tend to try to avoid carrying these in my make-up bag as it increases the spilling of the product and *poofs* of glitter all over whichever surface is nearby when you open and close the pot.

Beguile explosion, as per every opening and closing! You get some idea of
the subtle sparkle from Furore in this picture. 
Makeupalley shows Fervent, Furuore and Beguile as 4.8, 4.6 and 3 out of 5 respectively.

It's currently available for £17 for 1.3g (given that MAC's pigments are £16 for 4.5g this is pretty expensive but the sparkle is out of this world so I think it's worthwhile, if you're more into the shimmer / metallic finish rather than all out sparkle I might stick with the MAC shades).

Til next time kitty kats - love, hugs and lots of side eye ;)

xx Josephine xx

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