Thursday, 19 January 2017

Fragrant Friday - Jo Malone Cologne Intense Velvet Rose and Oud (Week 3 2017)

Jo Malone Cologne Intense: Velvet Rose & Oud
Evening Sparkles

Tomorrow, to celebrate the end of my first week back in work I'll be wearing something special! Definitely not an every day scent, this is a heady rose and oud combination which stands alone. It also lasts much better than any of the other Jo Malone (intense or standard) colognes I have.

This was actually the first rose based perfume that I bought myself. I'd never really thought of myself as loving the scent of roses (and I'm still not overly keen on the red roses scent at Jo Malone) but this one is heady, big and makes its own entrance so it's very fun. There are some notes of clove which, while I can't actively discern them myself, would hark back to the Liz Earle No15 which I really like and perhaps explain the warm element I enjoy but can't put my finger on.

My middle sister actually wore this as her wedding fragrance and it really is something very special - her lovely bestie also bought her the matching body creme and I will definitely be treating myself to that at some point given that her bedroom still smelled of roses two days after the wedding!!!

Fragrantia reviews rate this one a 4.33 out of 5 here making it the best rated rose scent of the month so far by popular view at least.

This one is on the Jo Malone website for £105 for 100ml (, but I confess I've tended to pick up my Jo Malone goodies in duty free to try and save a few pennies when splurging on something not technically necessary ;)

Til next time bunnies - love, hugs and great big kisses



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