Thursday, 5 January 2017

Fragrant Friday - Rosie by M&S Autograph (Week 1 2017)

Evening Sparkles!
Rosie by Autograph - 75ml EdP and travel votive candle

Tomorrow I'll be smelling like a bed of roses....literally, thanks to this little number from the Autograph range at M&S. Based on Rose Centifolia (basically, rose from Provence) this combines both my love of beauty and my Francofilia.

I'm hoping spraying this liberally will inspire me to head back to the books of my French language course from last year's lengthy resolution list ;)

There are now three fragrances in the Rosie range for M&S and this is the original. I wear on an almost daily basis at the moment and it gets comments almost as much as Autograph New York. The rose isn't over powering on this one when I compare it to some of my other rose based perfumes, however might still be worth having a bit of a spritz in store before buying if you're not so into the floral scents.

Layering addiction continues with body lotion.
The range now has two additional scents - Nuit (with jasmine and musk) and Summer Rose (with top notes of pear and blackcurrant). Fragrantia rates the three scents as 4.13 (original), 2.76 (unit) and 4.33 (Summer Rose) out of five respectively.

My mum likes the Nuit version and while I've sniffed her bottle in passing it didn't appeal to me - I was surprised to see on the notes that jasmine was involved as that tends to be something I really go for, the Fragrantia rating perhaps means the balance is a little off.

For 75mls of eau de perfume these little gems come in at £28 (30 mls is only £14) but I'd recommend you keep an eye out for the super Beauty promotions which M&S run throughout the year as I managed to get my latest bottle for 50% off in December last year.

Love, hugs and rose scented kisses til next time,



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