Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Illamasqua sale haul - summer 2014

Greetings Kitty Kats!

Per my post last week, I was mucho excited about the Illamasqua sale. However I did try to hold myself back a little on the eyeliner and foundation front as I've already gotten far too many to ever get through!

I grabbed a back up of Beguile pure pigment, because it was just too pretty not to and have included a picture trying to capture the sparkle a little better than the website swatch in my emergency post last week…

In addition, I picked up a coffret set with Freak EdP 75ml, a lip gloss, liquid metal and nail polish which was reduced to £40. The UK website states it used to cost £104, but the assistant in the Beak Street shop said she thought it maybe been £80. In any case, with a bottle of the perfume retailing at £75 it's a pretty good deal whichever way you look at it.

I also had the chance to try their Freak Scarab Extrait de Parfum. It was delicious, really rich and 6 hours later it's still wearing really well from just one little spritz on my wrists. It's expensive at £85 for 75ml - at least for someone who's not desperately into their perfumes like me - but that is firmly on the Santa request list. Sorry Mummsy and Daddsy Sparkles!

What have you bought in the Illamasqua sale? Have you tried them before and if so, what's your must have product? If not, check out their website and beautiful images for each collection. Absolutely stunning artistry even if you're not into such extreme make-up on a day to day basis.

Until next time

xx Josephine xx

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