Friday, 29 August 2014

Scents of summer #1…stretching warmer days to autumn evenings.

Hey guys and gals,

I don't know about you, but there are just certain scents and smells which make me think of summer. Probably picked up from particular holidays, friends or sisters' choices along the way. Some of these I don't wear everyday, as my tastes have changed over the years towards slightly deeper fragrances.

As August draws to a close - and I expect I lie nursing a slight sore head and much more painful feet from my first night on the tiles in Ibiza - I am sure I will be wondering how to make summer stretch out just a few more weeks after my return to London climes. If I can't actually bring the sun back with me, why don't we just bring back memories of sun and the scents that invoke them….

Summer days, for me mean...

L'Eau de Issey by Issey Miyake

I remember first picking this up on a family holiday to the States when I was about 16. It's just such a classic, light perfume but really feminine without being overly floral. I love this one - if the pocketbook won't stretch you can pick up something really similar in Isis from Marks & Spencer.

With floral top notes (including freesia) and middle notes of white lilies and peonies underpinned by a base including musk, tuberose and sandalwood this is described as a "floral-woody-marine" scent and is somewhat of a classic.

The notes in Isis aren't identical, but for less than 20% of the price, I think it's a close enough match to pass. Note - I don't bother with the summer version of either scent, because they are so subtle to start with.

Cerruti 1881 Femme

This is a classic teen / university scent for me - and also always makes me think of Sparkles Sister #2 as she permanently smelled of this when she was 16 - 18! This is light but isn't overly sweet as I am not a fan of the super saccharine mass marketed perfumes that seem to be mass produced in the name of any or all celebrities these days.

Again, floral top notes - echoed throughout the heart and base of the perfume - with some sandalwood in the base. The fragrance is gentle and subtle - giving a natural, fresh and airy feeling. Ideal daytime use, you can also use of a summer evening. For me, this is such a quintessentially girly perfume and can be worn at any time.

D&G 3 L'Imperatrice

My lovely cousins bought me a coffret of this perfume a few years ago and I've had compliments from both guys and girls any time I've been wearing it. Again with the "light and feminine" theme - hence it makes me think of summer.

This is one of the fragrances within D&G's fragrance anthology - based around different tarot cards. The face of this perfume was Naomi Campbell on launch, and the name means The Empress. It's a citrus floral mix, but not overly sweet on the floral side nor too sharp on the citrus elements. It's a girly perfume which is notable in the right ways.

It (hopefully!) won't give you the imperial attitude of Ms Campbell - while awesome, not great for the everyday, methinks - however it will make you happy once you spritz it on and get you some compliments as you go….never a bad thing!

What are you wearing today to make the best of the last few days of summer?

Til next time kitty cats - love, hugs and sea-salt tousled hair days

xx Josephine xx

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