Thursday, 14 August 2014

Sale bargain alert! Illamasqua pure pigment in Beguile

Despite my love affair with make-up really being all about the eyes, I've been quite light touch on that throughout the blog to date.

However one of my favourite party products is this loose, shimmer pigment. It's so beautiful and the shimmer multi-coloured....snap it up for 50% at only £7.50 here!!!

No picture could do it justice in real life, I use it alone or on top of other shadows for added pop - and sometimes for an exaggerated highlight in the inner corner.

Buy, buy, buy....I might get a back-up in case I drop my existing one on the floor!!


xx Josephine xx

P.S. the packaging is a bit tricksy here - for ease of use don't completely remove the sticker over the dispenser as that keeps most product in the base rather than at the lid and minimises later spills xx

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