Sunday, 3 August 2014

Smokey Eye Looks: Colourful version

Greetings Guys and Gals,

So I started the smokey eye series back in February when I first started on the blog and actually never quite finished before disappearing into my rather dull day job for a few months. Now I've re-surfaced and joined the blogging world again I thought I'd finish the original eyeshadow series.

For my skin I applied Illamasqua Cream foundation (#133) on my cheeks, centre forehead, chin, upper jaw and centre of my nose. I then used MUA Cosmetics concealer on my temples, under my cheek bones, edges of my chin, lower jaw and sides of my nose. I set that all with translucent powder and went to work on the eyes.

I used Maybelline Color Tattoo shadow (Turquoise Forever) over my eyelid and inner two thirds of my lower lash line. I then used Nars Soft Touch Shadow Pencil (Calambria) in then crease and outer corners. This is expensive and Maybelline do have a purple shade also which you could use for this - albeit you'd want to use a brush to apply. I went slightly outside the natural crease but not much.

I then set these with the bright turquoise shade from the Body Shop Shimmer Cubes (#22 Green), using the lightest shade in the tear duct and centre of the lid. I used MUA pearl eyeshadow (#10) in the crease and a light pink metallic shadow to highlight my brow bone. I added a little bit of depth in the crease with some black shadow (Illamasqua's Obsidian).

I finished off with L'Oreal's gel liner and No7 Lash Impact mascara - which I'm trying again but still do not like as it turns out. It is better now that I've left it to dry out for a few weeks. Brows are Illamasqua's brow cake (Vehement).

Moving back to the skin, I buffed on Bare Minerals original foundation (Light) over the contouring I'd started with, to blend everything together. I then used Smashbox's Halo Glow bronzer in the usual "3" shape from temples, to under cheekbones to under jawline - and down the sides of my nose with whatever was left on the brush. I finished with Illamasqua's blush (Tremble).

For the lips I used L'Oreal's Infallible lipliner (Stay Ultraviolet) as a base, then applied Illamasqua's Glamore lipstick (Naked) and topped off with Estee Lauder's lipliner (Spice).

While technically this is more of a cut crease than a smokey eye, hopefully you'll forgive me the artistic license usage here…!

You can choose any colour combination, sometimes it works really well to use a nude / black / brown crease colour with a really bright pop of colour on the lid. If you're being brave just pick your two favourite colours and use some black to blend out if needed!

I hope you've enjoyed the colourful eye weekend - it's been a while since I played so much with my stash, so it's been really fun for me. I think today's is less clown like - so if you decide to try it, make sure to post to Twitter or Instagram tagging me (see below) so I can share!

Enjoy your Sunday, speak to you Wednesday kitty kats!

Love, hugs and fantabulous puffs of glitter for your Sundays,

xx Josephine xx

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