Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Killer Cheekbones - Contouring for Evil Queens

Salutations Your Majesties

Thanks for popping by again for your Humpday make-up update. Per requests, today's post is a "How to" for one of the most essential weapons in the arsenal of any beauty queen - some cheekbones second only to your wit in terms of sharpness.

As beautifully illustrated by Mr Williams the key here is to make the cheekbones stand out through highlighting the top while creating a shadow underneath, to emphasise the bone structure. This pictorial is for a much more subtle look than that sported by Kim Kardashian - but I think that's ultimately better given that we don't walk around everyday under a million flashlights.

First you'll need two cream products - one lighter than your natural skin tone and one darker. I've used a cream foundation as my light shade and a concealer as my darker shade. You'll want relatively heavy coverage. I've applied them with a sponge - using the fat end for cheeks, forehead and chin and the pointy end for nose, temples and neck.

More emphasised contouring involves a light line on top of both the cheekbone and the jaw line - this creates more contrast with the shadow under your cheekbones.

I then set with translucent powder and "bake" while I do my hair or eye make-up - preferably for around 20 minutes in any case. Then you should blend out - depending on the level of coverage you want you can either do this with a dampened sponge or (as I've done) with a mineral foundation. Just ensure you've blended out any hard lines and don't have too dark a shadow at your hairline or jaw.

Here are two make-up looks I used this method on - to varying degrees of subtlety and indeed I've made it more dramatic before also!

Products I use the Sleek Palette, Hollow pigment by Illamasqua or Wedge eyeshadow by MAC are great - and next on the buy list is the combined offering from Anastasia Beverly Hills ($14 each, 6 and a free palette for $40 before shipping).

Any bronzer which isn't too orange can do (or failing that a grey-brown eye shadow which is matte will do it for fair skins).

Do you contour? What do you use - tag me in your pics on Instagram (@JosephineSparkles_NI) or Twitter (@JoJoSparklesNI)
Til next time, kitty kats - love, hugs and sparkles

xx Josephine xx

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