Monday, 19 January 2015

Hit or Miss? Maybelline "The Eraser" concealer (Light)

Morning Sparkles!

Monday yet again and time to hit the Bakerloo line and get my Dolly 9 to 5 vibe on. Let's account the heck out of some tax today!! Whaddaya mean that's off topic...? Hmm.

Well failing that somehow when the Sunday blues hit the first thing I'm nat risk of doing is watching 'just one more' episode of my current box set of choice. This wreaks havoc on my dark circles of a Monday! Enter the concealer of choice for the very beautiful Kasey over at StillGlamorous.

No lie I was excited. This is a girl who needs no filter and expectations of complexion perfection were raised. Yay!

The colour I got is the lightest (at least in my local shop) but I'd have struggled to use if I wasn't wearing a deeper foundation than my own skin tone. Application was tricky for me as the felt top limited precision application, I now apply to back of my hand and use a brush to apply to my face.

This lasts well throughout the day. I applied over foundation and set with some Vichy loose setting powder.

The coverage isn't for me as it's a bit light. Albeit I've recently been using a lot of heavier concealers such as Bourjois, Illamasqua and Bare Minerals.

All in all, a nice product. Seems to be a hero for some but this won't be kept in my handbag and the search continues...MISS for me, this time.

Til next time kitty kats - love, hugs and semi concealed kisses.

xx Josephine xx

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