Thursday, 8 January 2015

Sparkling 2015: Lip of the Day (LOTD) Maybelline Color Drama Pencil - Keep it Classy #210

Salutations lovelies!

Today's lip of the day has a bit of Drama to it - courtesy of Maybelline. Lip colour pencils are handy as you can pop them in even the smallest of clutch bags and they act as both lippie and liner all in one.

The Color Drama pencils are relatively new and I've not historically had a lot of luck with pencils as they've been relatively matte in formulation and so drying (and potentially dragging across the lips). Not so with this little beauty - smooth and shiny this feels very comfortable to wear. Although the creme formulation means that the wear time might be a little reduced.

I've swatched here with both the point of the pencil and the side, so you can see it's possible to get quite a defined line and then easily to fill out the body of your lips.

There were four shades in stock at my local chemist - this, a lighter pink and two coral based shades. I plumped for this one as it looked like a lovely winter colour and also I really can't wear oranged based lip shades as they don't flatter my skin tone or unbleached teeth at all!

This was the pencil in action on New Year's Eve. It wore for about 2 hours - but that was of pretty constant chatter (and, ok…maybe sipping at a few New Year beverages!)

Til next time kitty kats - love, hug and Keepin' it Classy kisses

xx Josephine xx

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