Friday, 2 January 2015

Sparkling 2015: LOTD Burt's Bees Lip Shimmer (Rhubarb Shimmer)

Morning Sparkles,

Today, for our first Friday of the year I'm plumping for a subtle piece of shimmer - trying to enliven my January one little shimmer at a time!

Some friends are lip balm addicts and love the normal balm from Burt's Bees. I'd tried one of their tinted balms some years ago and found it sadly lacking in… well… *tint*!

You may therefore surmise that I did not purchase this one of my own volition, but (like greatness) had it thrust upon me!

This was in the Christmas edition of Latest in Beauty's Glamour beauty box. I've had it since the start of December but not actually bothered to use it, what with my addition to Nuxe and all.

I tried it out yesterday, a month was long enough to have it lingering in my handbag. Wowsers!

Single strike across on top, three times below to build colour.
This little pocket rocket blows it's not-very-tinted-at-all predecessor out of the water! Deep in colour, smooth to apply and subtly shimmery this is a delicious balm that could very easily be used for both daytime and evening wear.

It's also got a little mint in there - not too much - so there's a pleasant little tingle on application. So impressed am I that I am thinking I should check out some other shades.

I would note, that the "rhubarb" is definitely more the colour of a syrup than the paler pink of the stems - as you can see, above!

What think you? Something you'd try in place of your normal lippie (perhaps after Christmas mistletoe action….)

Til next time kitty kats,

Love, hugs and rhubarb tinted kisses

xx Josephine xx

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