Sunday, 4 January 2015

Sparkling 2015: FOTD Concealer - L'Oreal's True Match Crayon Correcteur

Morning Sparkles!

How's your Sunday so far? Ok, so actually this post comes out so early most of your Sundays won't actually have started thus far. That being said, if they have you may find yourself in need of a bit of an under eye pick me up!

Or indeed, if you are like me and just genetically resemble a boxer in training given the depth of the black circles under your eyes - you might want an under eye pick me up generally - to release the maximum peeper sparkling you can. I've recently picked up L'Oreal's True Match Corrector Pencil (here) in shades #10 and #20.

I'm between shades on this concealer to be honest (hence buying two) but the lighter one works really well for contouring, while I can wear the darker one over night time shade foundation easily. So I'm pretty happy with these two being blended each day.

Coverage is good on these - particularly for high street brands, but you need to be careful to buff out with a brush (rather than finger blended - though you could do that in a pinch if you'd like). I also like to set it with some powder so that the lasting power is increased. 

Top to bottom: #10, #20 & then "#15" i.e. both blended!
These concealers are £6.99 each on the High Street (without offers) so given the smoothness of application, strong lasting power (I've worn this to parties and throughout the day and actually find the coverage lasting longer than more expensive concealers such as Eve Pearl) and blendability I'm really comfortable with buying two in order to be able to blend a colour which really suits my needs.

One thing I would note (and despite some of their darker skinned spokeswomen this is something I see mentioned in relation to L'Oreal generally) there's a really restricted shade range here and it won't be suitable for all skin tones. This could be because I've bought these in Ireland and therefore the shade range in stock has been more restricted, however online in the UK I can't see the wider shade range that appears to be available in the States.

For paler skinned ladies, I'd suggest these are a great formulation, easy to apply and actually manage to live up to the "super blendable" claim in the Stateside marketing spiel!

What's your favourite concealer at the moment?

'Til next time kitty kats! Love, hugs and fuzzy-edged blended kisses

xx Josephine xx

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