Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Sparkling 2015: Second day hair - Aussie Volume Dry Shampoo

Aloha readers!

For any lady (or chap) with hair that's past your ears, one fact is true - blow drying your hair is an absolute pain in the behind. Not to mention the advice that daily shampooing strips hair and scalp of natural oils.

With my coloured hair, my ends can take a couple of days without washing but the roots get quite oily on day two - given my natural greasy skin state (mantra: it's good, it keeps wrinkles at bay. It's good…)

Enter dry shampoo! In this particular case, Aussie Volume Dry Shampoo:

In all honesty this was a Christmas holiday purchase when my local Tesco was out of stock of my preferred Batiste dry shampoo (XXL Volume). I've tried a few of the High Street brands and generally find that they run out more quickly and are less effective than Batiste.

The Aussie variant (unsurprisingly) smells fantastic - as all of their products do - and applies easily. There is less of a sticky residue with the Aussie Volume product than I usually get with the Batiste volume product. I did notice that there was less volume generated - I'd imagine the hair isn't able to volumise in the same way as there's not the same grip on the shaft.

Finally, the Aussie isn't going to last as long as the Batiste does - and I wouldn't use it as a day to day volumising product in the same way as I will happily apply the Batiste XXL Volume to freshly washed hair in order to boost my roots.

Overall: Nice smell and does work as a dry shampoo more effectively than others I've tried (Tresemme, I'm looking at you) but doesn't offer the volume boosting properties of the Batiste version.

Til next time kitty kats - love, hugs and voluminous kisses

xx Josephine xx

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